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Your Security Environment Deserves an Intelligent Infrastructure

October 13, 2020 By BlueAlly

By Mike Koponen, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances

It seems that everything is “intelligent” these days — watches, refrigerators, cars, speakers, and thermostats to name a few. In this environment, why shouldn’t we expect the infrastructure (storage and servers) we count on to power our security system to have a high degree of intelligence? Intelligence and automation can help security directors simplify lifecycle management of their infrastructure and ensure optimum system health, so they get the most in terms of availability and performance from their security system, all automatically and without specialized IT skills.

Pivot3’s Surveillance Series, based on our hyperconverged infrastructure optimized for video surveillance, offers advanced automation and intelligence. At the core of the Surveillance Series software is the Pivot3 Intelligence Engine, which:

  • Collects system health, performance, configuration and other system metrics and feeds this information (with customer approval) into the Pivot3 Support Cloud via secure web services.
  • Performs Predictive Drive Sparing to head off issues.
  • Identifies ways to maintain optimum performance and resilience through a built-in Health and Best Practices Analyzer.
  • Simplifies end-to-end system updates by automating mundane system administration tasks with an Upgrade Manager.
  • Automatically adds a node back to the cluster once it’s repaired using Auto Healing software.
  • Significantly reduces time-to-repair with Quick Node Rebuild software.
  • And much more.

These intelligence capabilities result in the Pivot3 system always being online recording and storing video, as well as always being able to access live and recorded video. Both are must-haves for mission-critical video surveillance environments.

By applying automation and intelligence to the infrastructure traditionally time-consuming or mundane systems administration and maintenance tasks are automated and simplified, freeing security personnel to focus on other things, reducing the need for specialized IT skills, and lowering operational costs.