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Data Center Consolidation

Today, IT strategy is business strategy. The agility to keep pace with rapidly evolving business demands begins with data center consolidation. Traditional approaches to data center management have become complex, expensive, and unsustainable for real growth. Enterprises need to spend less time on maintenance and management of their data center environments. That journey begins with  Pivot3.

Pivot3 helps enterprises create denser footprints through optimizations to reduce complexity and cost while at the same time maximizing performance to meet any and all workload requests. Our hyperconverged platforms lower total cost of ownership by bringing the entire data center into one integrated system that pools storage and compute resources for ultimate flexibility.

The result is high performance and high availability to meet all your Tier 1 application needs. Our industry leading efficiency enables deployments across multiple use cases, from production databases to backup and disaster recovery. There are no other platforms that can do this in one integrated system, with one user interface, that offers a significantly lower price point than any legacy data center infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

Key Advantages

Storage Efficiency

Enterprises can utilize up to 94% total usable capacity without sacrificing availability, with fewer nodes and a 6X reduction in power, cooling, and floor space.

Storage Resiliency

The security of 99.9999% availability with half the nodes and reduced costs than replication-based HCI systems.


Integrated system for storage and compute is self-managing, self-optimizing, self-healing, and self-monitoring.


Increase performance as you add nodes with linear scalability starting with a single node at 80,000 IOPS.

Low Overhead

Less than 10% of the available CPU and memory used to run vSTAC OS means more capacity for your VMs and applications.

Investment Protection

Ultimate flexibility to grow into a hyperconverged solution at your own pace, in a pay-as-you-grow model.