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Pivot3 Edge Protect
Cost-Effective and Easily Manageable for Small, Medium and Distributed Environments

Pivot3 Edge Protect

Pivot3 Products
Pivot3 Edge Protect
Pivot3 1U 6-drive Edge Protect Platform
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Edge Protect brings enterprise-class IT to physical security with a purpose-built and competitively priced hyperconverged SAN storage solution that is ideal for small, medium and remotely distributed surveillance installations. With Edge Protect, Pivot3 delivers high performance storage and server infrastructure for up to 200 video surveillance cameras at a price point competitive with direct attached storage (DAS) typically deployed in mid-sized NVR applications.

Edge Protect’s unique architecture ensures all storage is accessible by all cameras regardless of physical location. With built-in server failover, video management and recording functionality is protected during any hardware failures, a highly sought after feature typically only found in large, complex enterprise surveillance implementations.

With highly efficient shared storage utilization and the ability to consolidate multiple server applications (i.e. video, access control, visitor management, etc.) onto a single, highly resilient and scalable infrastructure, organizations can reduce costs while ensuring critical security systems never go down and never lose data, without the need for advanced IT skills.


Edge Protect delivers enterprise-class IT capabilities on commodity, off-the-shelf x86 server hardware, enabling users to realize the benefits of highly efficient shared storage and built-in failover without the complexity or cost typically found with SAN storage.

Software-defined SAN Storage

All storage resources are aggregate into a unified pool, which all cameras and related applications can access regardless of which physical server they are associated with, resulting in highly efficient storage utilization to eliminate the islands of stranded capacity typically found in direct attached storage systems.

Integrated Server Virtualization

Consolidate video management, access control and other related servers onto a single platform, eliminating the need for separate physical servers and providing much higher levels of resiliency and fault tolerance to the entire application suite. Reduce costs, complexity and valuable rack space.

Built-in Server Failover

In the event of hardware failures, virtual servers automatically restart on another appliance with no user intervention. With Pivot3 failover, previously recorded video remains fully accessible, and there is no need for additional software, licensing or redundant hardware.

Advanced Fault Tolerance

Typical server and storage solutions use aging RAID technology to prevent data loss in the event of one or two disk failures. Pivot3’s patented scalar erasure coding technology, protects data against the failure of up to 3 disks simultaneously or the loss of an entire appliance plus one additional disk in the array.

End User Benefits:

Extreme Resiliency

Video recording and access is preserved during major hardware failures, a highly sought after feature typically found in complex, expensive enterprise surveillance implementations.

Always Available Video

Highly available SAN storage ensures critical data is protected and available when needed. All previously recorded video remains fully accessible even when up to 3 drives fail or an entire node goes offline.

Reduced TCO

Consolidate multiple servers into one shared, highly resilient infrastructure. Edge Protect runs on off the shelf, non-proprietary server hardware, providing organizations with enterprise-class infrastructure without enterprise-class costs.


Complexity of deployment and management have been designed out of the system. Most system functions are entirely automated to run without user intervention, and no advanced IT skills are required.


Appliance Specifications
Edge Protect Node
  • Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 3.6GHz CPU
  • 16GB 2133 MT/s RAM configurable to 64GB
  • 4 x Enterprise SATA hard drives
  • 4, 8, 16, 32 TB total storage configurations
  • 4 x 1GbE Network Interface Card
  • vSTAC OS, vSTAC Manager, VMware ESXi Hypervisor
Virtual Protection Group (vPG)
  • Maximum 6 nodes per Virtual Protection Group
  • Storage Protection Levels
    • EC 1: disk or 1 node failure
    • EC 3: 3 disks or 1 disk + 1 node failure
  • Up to 192TB iSCSI Virtual HyperSAN in a single vPG
  • Up to 600 Mbps Video Throughput
vSTAC Specifications
Virtual Server Protection
  • • Pivot3 VM Failover for high availability
  • No separate software or licenses required
  • One-click UI selection
Dynamic Storage Management
  • Dynamic logical and physical capacity expansion
  • Dynamic disk and RAID controller load-balancing
  • Dynamic iSCSI multi-path and load-balancing
Storage Protection
  • No single point of failure
  • Distributed virtual sparing
  • Predictive drive sparing
  • Multi-path protection for iSCSI connections
Alarms and Alerts
  • State-sensitive LEDs indicate drive events
  • vSTAC Manager indicates state changes
  • SNMP MIB support for email notification and third party integration

vSTAC Surveillance Configurations:

  vSTAC Watch vSTAC Data vSTAC Edge vSTAC Trend
  vSTAC Watch vSTAC Data vSTAC Edge vSTAC Trend
Use Case Centralized Compute + Storage Storage Only Distributed Compute + Storage Heavy Compute + Storage
Platform 2U 2U 1U 2U
CPU E5-2630 v3 E5-2630 v3 E5-2420 v3 Dual E5-2680 v3
RAM 16 - 384 GB 8 GB 16 GB 64 - 384 GB
SATA HDD 12 x 1/2/4/6/8 TB
12 - 128 TB
12 x 1/2/4/6/8 TB
12 - 128 TB
4 x 1/2/ TB
4 - 8 TB
12 x 1/2/4/6/8 TB
12 - 128 TB
SSD 400 GB MLC 400 GB MLC N/A 400 GB MLC
NIC 2 x 1 GbE
4 x 10 GbE iSCSI
2 x 1 GbE
4 x 10 GbE iSCSI
4 x 1 GbE 2 x 1 GbE
4 x 10 GbE iSCSI
Max Array 12 Appliances 12 Appliances 4 Appliances 12 Appliances
Hypervisor VMware ESXi N/A VMware ESXi VMware ESXi
Other - - - -


Download the Pivot3 Edge Protect Datasheet (.PDF)


Pivot3 Products
Pivot3 Edge Protect
Pivot3 1U 6-drive Edge Protect Platform
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