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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Solutions for VDI

The Pivot3 storage-centric approach for virtual desktop infrastructure, characterized by high-capacity needs and I/O-intensive workloads, delivers high performance, lower cost and higher availability than traditional alternatives. Our VDI solutions are powered by the shared storage and compute system vSTAC OS to enable radical end user simplicity so you can focus on only the number of desktops you deploy. With incremental scalability from proof-of-concept to production, customers can count on a predictable ROI and significantly reduce the need for large upfront IT infrastructure investments. Pivot3 vSTAC systems deploy and dynamically scale in minutes for significant savings on cost per desktop.

Customer Benefits

Key Advantages

Self-Healing Virtual Desktops

Systems restart automatically in the case of appliance failures, with failover and migration of virtual desktops managed through VMware vCenter.

High Availability Storage

Shared storage and compute resources across the array create highly available storage volumes that exist on all drives, with up to five drive fault tolerance without compromising existing data stores.

Automatic Load-Balancing

Resources are automatically load-balanced across all nodes so performance is effortlessly delivered to desktops that are exerting the highest demand.

Industry-Leading Capacity

Start with a single node with 2.1TB of usable storage capacity and scale up to 1.4PB of usable capacity at 94% efficiency within a single Virtual Performance Group, aggregating usable capacity, efficiency and performance as you scale.

Dynamic Expansion

As nodes are added to an existing array, new storage, network, and compute resources are dynamically added to the unified pool, which is ideal for smaller environments that expand over time and for admins responding quickly to changing user requirements in the field.

Lower Costs for Higher Performance

4X cost reduction for power and cooling compared to systems requiring physical servers and physical SAN or NAS, with low entry costs for enterprise-class vSAN storage performance and failover features.

Use Cases

Mobile Secure Desktop:

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and dispersed, leaving IT managers to wrestle with how to support more user devices and maintain security across appliances and data.

Maintaining a large number of corporate PC’s and desktops with software updates, network changes, and normal wear and tear threatens to overwhelm personnel. Bring your own device (BYOD) is increasingly popular which further complicates IT management.

Pivot3 VDI for Mobile Secure Workspace

VMware together with Pivot3 deliver a simple, yet affordable, enterprise-class VDI for Mobile Secure Workspace solution that improves end-user access across devices and locations, reduces costs by streamlining desktop management, and enhances security and compliance.

Pivot3 centralizes management of storage, server and network resources in a converged vSTAC appliance that is ideally suited for Mobile Secure Workspace infrastructure. Configuration, installation and scaling of the solution are simple and intuitive.

Deployments starting at as small as 100 desktops and growing into the thousands will benefit from the Pivot3 vSTAC appliance model since high availability, high performance and load balancing are required for Mobile Secure Desktop installations of any size.

Pivot3 VDI for Mobile Secure Workspace

Graphics Acceleration:

Graphics Acceleration Options for VDI Environments

Both the R2 and R2S family of appliances can now be field upgraded with certified graphics acceleration options to meet the most demanding graphic needs of top-end Windows 8, Office 13 and power users. These options have been fully tested and certified by Pivot3 and its technology partners.

VDI Advanced Services to install, configure, and test the Teradici APEX 2800 card

Software based graphics rendering with PCoIP hardware accelerator to enhance VMware Horizon View performance. The Tera option includes a services engagement to install a Teradici APEX 2800 PCoIP Hardware Accelerator and configure desktops to take advantage of the acceleration.


  • VDI Advanced Services (onsite) for this option are required. Typical install times for an array are one day. Minimum time is one day.
  • A factory installed and configured option will be available soon from Pivot3.

VDI Advanced Services to install, configure, and test both the NVIDIA K1 GRID and Teradici APEX 2800 cards

Hardware GPU virtualization to provide Power User PC-like performance and graphics experience for the maximum number of concurrent users. The K1 option includes a services engagement to install the NVIDIA GRID K1 and Teradici APEX 2800 PCoIP Hardware Accelerator, desktop configuration and tuning for the customers’ application requirements.


  • VDI Advanced Services (onsite) for this option are required. Typical install times for an array are one day. Minimum time is one day.
  • The customer must procure the NVIDIA K1 and APEX cards independently from Pivot3.
  • A factory installed and configured option will be available soon from Pivot3.


Graphic Accelerator cards may be added to either vSTAC VDI R2 or vSTAC R2S appliances at initial customer install or into deployed appliances. Pivot3 vSTAC R2S appliances with Graphics Acceleration options are compatible with the existing R2S and R2 families.

Services Pricing

VDI Advanced Services can be provided either remote or onsite. For either a Tera or K1 install we recommend an onsite install. Contact Pivot3 for more information.

VMware Horizon Suite:

Pivot3 P Cubed is a pilot appliance that is actually the start of your full Horizon Suite production deployment. It is the only converged storage and compute appliance purpose-built for Horizon Suite that ships from the factory pre-configured and ready-to-deploy.

Designed to support the demanding nature of Horizon Suite, vSTAC R2S P Cubed has the IOPs you need for desktops and the storage capacity for full desktops, applications and data in one converged appliance.

With the Pivot3 vSTAC R2S Rapid Horizon Appliance, you can deploy a fully configured and operational Horizon Suite in 6 hours!

  • Go from 0 to View in under an hour
  • Go from 0 to Workspace in 6 hours
  • Scale-out simply

Pivot3 vSTAC R2S Rapid Horizon Appliance

What's In The Box?

  • 1 Pivot3 vSTAC OS license
  • 1 Pivot3 vSTAC Manager license
  • 6 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 licenses
  • VMware Horizon Suite 100 pack evaluation license
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Trial license(s)

horizon suite elements

horizon suite elements detailed

Federal Secure Workspace:

Multi-vendor Validated Reference Architecture

Pivot3 offers a simple, scalable federal workspace VDI validated design infrastructure from leading vendors that eliminates the complexities of building out and integrating infrastructure.

All storage and server hardware, desktop virtualization software, secure sign-on software and endpoints are validated and tested in a reference design and available in a simple to deploy appliance model.

The solution is a certified and validated design (FIPS, CAC, Federal Telework Act).

Multi-vendor Validated Reference Architecture

Take the Risk out of Virtualizing the Federal Workspace

Validated VMware Reference design

  • Government agencies can buy knowing the solution components have been validated and certified with all vendors

All Dell infrastructure and support

  • Appliances, network, and end-points
  • Fully supported Dell solution

Ability to get going, quickly and affordably

  • Purchase a single appliance based starter bundle
  • Pre-packaged and configured “View-in-a-box” infrastructure

Scale it out simply and smoothly

  • No need to rip and replace, simply add appliances, endpoints and licenses
  • Pay-as-you-grow

Federal Secure Workspace Solution for Government Agencies

The Federal Secure Workspace Solution for federal agencies is a validated solution architecture specifically built to meet the needs of federal agencies looking to securely support end users across devices and locations.