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Server Virtualization

As virtualized server workloads continue to redefine typical data center operations, enterprises need a more modern approach to infrastructure management. Pivot3 offers server virtualization solutions that align IT infrastructure with your virtualization stack, resulting in more efficient provisioning, fewer silos between line of business units and IT, and the ability to easily scale as you grow. Whether your organization needs PCIe flash arrays or hyperconverged infrastructure, Pivot3’s is ideal for IT organizations of all sizes to efficiently consolidate and operate all virtualized workloads in a scalable, homogenous appliance model.

Customer Benefits

Key Advantages

Efficiency & Performance

Hyperconverged platforms including All-Flash, Hybrid, Blades, and more deliver industry-leading storage capacity, twice the performance and half the cost of other HCI and traditional vendors.

Ease of Use

vSTAC OS is ready to go out of the box, saving time and resources. Simplified management operations, reduce operational complexity and increase visibility into the environment.

Business Continuity

Increase business response time and minimize downtime with high availability and efficient data protection. Meet SLAs and ensure your data is protected with up to five drive fault tolerance with no data loss.

Reduce Costs

Drive down energy and hardware operations costs, increase IT efficiency and improve availability for the applications that drive business outcomes.

Dynamic Scaling

With a pay-as-you-grow appliance model, you can easily scale performance and capacity independently while meeting the demands of growing workloads.

Faster Time-to-Market

Spend more time on innovation and less time just keeping the lights on. When IT becomes a business enabler, your products get out the door faster, increase revenue and build your brand.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Server Virtualization
Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Server Virtualization

Designed for efficiency, and resiliency, Pivot3 services all your critical enterprise applications and IT environments with single pane of glass management, self-healing storage capabilities, and predictive monitoring. Simplify and manage deployments, eliminate operational complexity and boost performance for all your virtual workloads.

PCIe Flash Arrays for Server Virtualization
PCIe Flash Arrays for Server Virtualization

Virtualizing multiple mixed application workloads can result in inconsistent performance that can ultimately impact your mission-critical applications. Pivot3’s PCIe flash integration and dynamic performance prioritization allows you to consistently deliver the right performance to the right data at the right time for your virtualized applications.