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Professional Services

A Partner from Start to Finish

The sale may be finalized but we know the real work is just starting. Pivot3 team of certified support and product development engineers is committed to your success, treating each customer deployment like it’s priority number one. Our team has taken this approach with each of the 18,000 hyperconverged appliances we’ve deployed worldwide, and it’s why you can be confident that Pivot3 will do everything to exceed your service needs.

Global Professional Services

Pivot3 is dedicated to supporting customers and partners by offering flexible and cost-effective professional services to deploy, manage and support your Pivot3 solutions. Our goal is to ensure that the work effort of implementing new and innovative technology is made as easy as possible. Customers have the option to enlist an engineer onsite who can assist in the installation and configuration of the Pivot3 solution to the agreed to scope of work. In addition to onsite engagements, customers have the option for remote installations where applicable.

Solutions Architects are also available to provide technical guidance on how new systems and software are designed to operate in your environment so you can maximize efficiency. Installation services are offered as a fixed scope and time or as custom offers that are designed to meet specific needs within a customer environment.

Professional Services Offerings

Implementation Services

The Pivot3 Implementation Offering begins with a consultative effort among the customer, Pivot3 sales, Pivot3 systems engineers, and Pivot3 solutions architect. All parties work together to have a common understanding of the customer’s business requirements and the proposed Pivot3-supported solution. Pivot3 solutions architects configure and set up vSTAC appliance(s) according to business needs.

This includes, but is not limited to, deploying and configuring vSTAC appliance(s), configuring IP addresses, creating data stores, creating videodisk logical volumes, creating a vSTAC array, and testing and validating functionality.

Advanced Consulting Services

Pivot3 provides Advanced Consulting Services to include advanced VMware application installation and network consulting. All advanced services are detailed in a SOW after an initial consultation with your team to determine business requirements.

Common Advanced Consulting Services may include:

Education Services

Pivot3 is focused on enabling its partners and customers to quickly become familiar with the many benefits and features of our world-class solutions. Various levels of training are available depending on the depth of knowledge needed and the profile of student. Also, the training can be delivered onsite (Pivot3 Hosted or Customer Site Hosted) by a Pivot3 expert or through our virtual online course.

Pivot3 offers a full spectrum of training on sizing, planning, installing, administering, and supporting Pivot3 appliances and software.

Available classes include:

Health Check Services

Your company’s valuable business processes and data require your infrastructure to be in top condition. With our Health Check Services, Pivot3 will analyze your system’s performance and optimize your solution specific to your needs. Pivot3 solutions architects work side-by-side with your team to outline a Statement of Work (SOW), perform a full system analysis and then optimize and updates as needed. You will receive a deeper-dive explanation of tools and log collection for P3perftrace, vSTAC Manager, ESXi, array, and diagnostic logs.

Pivot3 will check that Windows OS and VMware are within normal parameters, review RAID settings and protection are within normal parameters, and re-evaluate capacity needs (e.g. assessing new camera and desktop workloads).